Have issues with squint eyes? No worries. You have a quick remedy at your disposal in the form of Lasik laser surgery in Janakpuri. Squint Treatment is the obvious answer to the issue of squint eyes. However, once you are through with the main procedure, it’s time for you to focus on some exercises and eye muscle movements, as advised by a consultant.  

What is it all about?

Veterans in the field of Squint treatment opine that proper eye muscle movements are instrumental in deciding the success of the treatment method. Squint treatment is a working solution for the problem known as Strabismus. However, proper eye movements and exercises ease up the recovery process during the post-operative phase.

Here’s a snippet of three exercise forms that you can do.

Focusing on barrel cards

Barrel cards should be deemed as a nice exercise that can deal with strabismus and exotropia. It can bring great comfort to your eye areas. Essentially, Ophthalmologists keep a lot of stress on utilizing the techniques of gauging your precise and exact condition.  

Doing pencil pushups  

Pencil pushups are also known as PPT or pencil push-ups treatment. You can classify them as highly effective solutions against CI or convergence insufficiency. Ophthalmologists refer to them quite frequently.

Trying Brock String

Brock String, as an exercise, would be pretty effective. Ophthalmologists use this therapy sagaciously. With this tool, they can gauge your issues with visual perceptions. Based on the finding of the tests, they can offer you precise treatment.  


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