If you are planning to have laser eye surgery then you must see the advantages of Blade free Lasik surgery. Depending on your eye problem the doctor will suggest you the best. Always choose the right procedure for you and your vision needs. But you must understand the benefits of Blade free Lasik surgery in Delhi and then continue with the process. In the traditional Lasik, a flap in the cornea is created with the microkeratome.

The traditional method uses a blade to cut the thin flap in the cornea. Then the eye is reshapes using the am excimer laser once the flap is lifted. Whereas in the bladeless lasik eye surgery in delhi a light energy lease there is no use of the blade in this process. In this way, it is very gentle to the human cornea and has no precision down to 10 microns.

Advantages of bladeless lasik:

  • Less complication: There is a lesser complication as the all-laser device is used. Whereas in the traditional one the doctor cut the flap with a blade so there is a higher chance of damage in the tissues. There is a possibility of error as the blade is used by human hands. Whereas in the Blade free lasik surgery the machines are doing their job so there is no chance of complication. You will get the Best Lasik Eye Surgery in Delhi.
  • Dry eye: one of the biggest disadvantages of LASIK surgery is generally the dry eye problem for the patients. But when the surgery is done by bladeless LASIK surgery then the duration and intensity are much lesser than the traditional surgery.
  • Better cornea flap: when the machines are used for creating a flap in the cornea the outcome is always best compared to the traditional route. The leisure treatment makes sure that the thickness of the flap is not influenced by the cornea shape and the treatment can be given based on the shape and orientation of the cornea.
      • Buttonhole in the cornea: when using the traditional LASIK there is a high chance of a buttonhole can be created in the cornea. If the cutting tools are not properly used. Whereas the chance is quite low when using the bladeless method for this process. It doesn’t happen with the bladeless LASIK method but there is very little change.

if you have a vision problem and want to see the world like other but afraid of blade and cuts. Then the bladeless lasik laser surgery in janakpuri will be best. As all the best machines are used during this process and there is no use of the blade in this process. You just have to make sure that you don’t put much pressure on your eyes after the surgery. There are some things that you need to make sure of so that your eye doesn’t face any problem. In this way, you will see the world properly without any problem.