Are Your Eyes Ready For The Allergy Season? As the temperature begins again to rise, we assure to put up with the care of the health of our skin and hair. Nonetheless, we frequently miss reimbursing attention to one of the extensively important parts of the body affected by the summer heat – our eyes. Simply like our skin and fitness undergo immense stress in summers, so do our eyes. According to Dr Piyush Kapooor, an eye specialist, at Healing Touch Eye Centre, Vikaspuri Delhi, “The sunrays’ scorching heat is exceptionally dangerous to the eyes. Summertime disclosure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can heighten the danger of cataract and retinal destruction.”

“It can furthermore result in eye allergies which vary from mild itching and redness to serious watering and swelling of the eyelids, bacterial and viral conjunctivitis.

The reason behind these allergies are:-

This is primarily since the heat and the extreme levels of adulterants and irritants in the atmosphere make our eyes prone to allergic reactions such as redness, itching and scorching sensation, clarified Dr Piyush Kapoor, an eye specialist at Healing Touch Eye Centre, Janakpuri and Vikaspuri, Delhi.

How to protect your eyes in the summer season?
  • Wear sunglasses with complete ultraviolet protection
  • Avoid sunburned eyes
  • Ensure your eyes must be moisturized
  • Swimming can be beneficial.
  • Avoid going out, especially from 9 am to 4 pm
  • Keep sunscreen out of your eyes
  • Wear glasses while working outside
  • Eat healthily and increase your liquid diet.
Service we offer:-

If you are getting allergies or any other vision difficulty during the summer season you can come to us. Healing Touch Eye Centre has a team of professionals who offer the best treatment to the patients. We use advanced technology that ensures your proper treatment and healthcare. Are Your Eyes Ready For The Allergy Season is one of the Best Eye Hospitals in Delhi. that offers complete eye care services from eyeglasses and lenses to surgical treatments. We are known for providing the best services in Delhi.

Some of the eye care services that Healing Touch offers are:-
  • CONTOUR VISION CORRECTION  and numerous further eye care services all under a single roof.

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