The most debated question about Lasik is its durability. The first question the patients going for Lasik surgery in Delhi ask is “how long would the treatment last”. Some people say that it lasts forever while others are of the opinion that a correction surgery is required after some time.

You would also want to know about reliability of Lasik treatment before going for Lasik surgery in Delhi. But it is better to ask experts that have an authority on the subject.

Here’re frequently asked questions regarding Lasik treatment

Q: What is the longevity of this test?

A: It is difficult to answer this question before understanding the procedure. In Lasik treatment, the imperfections of cornea are removed with the help of a laser beam. It is like reshaping the cornea by eliminating the imperfections that cause vision problems – nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Lasik treatment cures vision problems by treating the imperfections that is the root cause of the problem. The treatment is permanent because the imperfections are removed permanently. But aging could create problems in the coming days. Here it is necessary to mention that Lasik treatment can’t prevent aging related eye problems. An expert calls this process presbyopia that is “aging eye”.

Q: Why do some people need Lasik enhancement?

A: It would be wrong to connect the enhancement procedure with the life of Lasik treatment when it is related to quality. If your surgery isn’t perfect, you will need a correction treatment. Another instance of an enhancement surgery is change of vision due to aging. Aging is a continuous process and it can change your vision post Lasik treatment.

Q: Does Lasik surgery limit treatment options?

A: Lasik treatment is provided for present conditions that have nothing to do with future of your eyes. For example, you could develop cataract in the eye that has been treated with Lasik a few years back. If it happens, you would need treatment for cataract. You can again go for Lasik surgery in Delhi or choose the best option according to your doctor’s advice.

Should I go for Lasik eye treatment?

Yes, you should and there are reasons to believe in the Lasik treatment. The first reason is that it is the best treatment available for eye problems. Second reason is the permanent nature of treatment. Lasik surgery in Delhi is the best treatment you can give to your eyes.

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