Healing Touch eye center at Vikaspuri, Delhi has made its name as one of the Best Eye Hospital in Delhi NCR. We at Healing Touch eye center consist of a team of qualified professionals led by Dr. Piyush Kapoor eye specialists. who is responsible for the successful diagnosis and  treatment of several thousands of patients.

Our multi-disciplinary team makes certain that our patients have access to a broad range of eye care solutions and  also the suggestions. So, The right counsel facilitates them to make the superlative conclusions. We are the top eye hospital in Delhi further known for our inclusive variety of eye care services.

We at Healing Touch have been pioneers in the field of cataract surgery and further present the latest machinery and a high standard of eye care to a great population.

Our authority assists to determine the curative lens to be implanted in your eyes after a meticulous eye test. and also all our Cataract surgeries fruitfully restore vision in the majority of people who have done with the method.

Services we offer
  • Cataract surgery
  • Mics eye surgery
  • Permanent contact lenses surgery
  • Aspheric Lasik surgery
  • CustomizedLasik surgery
  • Thin flap Lasik surgery
  • Femtosecondblade-freeLASIK surgery
  • Cornea Services
  • Myopia clinic
  • Total retina and Uvea services
  • Oculoplastictreatment
  • Glaucoma services
  • Pediatric services
  • Squint services
  • Low vision aids
  • Implantable contact lens

Our aim of LASIK is to perk up the vision without the pester of glasses or contact lenses using state-of-the-art technologies. with top-notch facilities and highly experienced individuals following the further procedure of up-gradation of our advancement in technology.

Healing Touch eye centre performs the Best Glaucoma surgeries, oculoplastic surgery in Delhi, aspheric LASIK surgery in Delhi, and also  Lasik laser surgery.

Our lineup of skilled specialists who appraise and treat our patients with Glaucoma and also other diseases set apart by amplified pressure in the eye and/or in the optic nerve, with the help of avant-garde technologies with the foremost infrastructure.

Why choose us:

Superiority in delivery of services is a hospital-wide initiative, having its roots in patients, their families and  also staff satisfaction. We delight our patients through incessant eminence development and further upgrading our understanding. Expertise and execution of Quality Management Systems. Quality is thus everyone’s responsibility and commitment.

Healing Touch Eye Center is a symbol of vibrant growth in the field of eye care. We have been awarded major national and  also international awards for the best eye care treatment and further execution of various quality enhancement projects.

The quality and enthusiasm exhibited by the team of Healing Touch eye centre are catching looking ahead to ongoing development.


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