Myopia is one of the most common eye problems among people. The basic symptom is that you are unable to see objects placed far. However, the objects placed close can be easily seen. The main reason for this problem is that the image formed inside the eye gets deflected from the position it should be formed. It is due to the abrupt curvature of the eye lens that deflects light falling on it and thus the nerves fail to transfer the information to the brain. At the same time, another issue that is accompanied with myopia is mild to severe headaches and blurry vision when looked at far. It is perhaps a significant problem among the children who develop myopia in early ages and often complain lack of visibility.

It somehow affects their entire childhood. In fact, when glasses are prescribed they are forced to stay away from games and sports. After all, which child doesn’t like playing? The child has to bear the burden of glasses all the times and even during the time of recreational activities the child cannot afford to forget the glasses. This burden slowly affects his or her confidence level and thus leaves a permanent impact on his or her entire life. Some people may also recommend home remedies but the reality is, they don’t work. Perhaps, one of the most prominent myth is that myopia in children gets cured by its own. This is not true and it has been scientifically proved that myopia in children can even worsen and cause serious problems and even lead to migraines. When it comes to children myopia has a greater tendency to grow as they often forcefully see the blurry things by putting extreme strain on their eyes.

Another serious issue with children putting glasses is that children being children would definitely play and the glasses can cause serious injury to their eyes and even make them blind forever. This is a serious issue and parents should not take chances with the safety of their children. You must be thinking, what should you do if your child develops myopia? The good news is, there’s an effective solution and that too completely safe and within the affordable price range. The Healing Touch Eye Centre is a prominent eye clinic that offers paediatric ophthalmology in Delhi. It is a reputed clinic with positive reviews from the patients and perhaps, here you can find the best paediatric ophthalmologist in Janakpuri. The doctors are well qualified and trained. They are not only experienced but also command their expertise in dealing with myopia in children. Understanding the needs of the children’s physiology and needs of the children these qualified doctors have treated hundreds of children without making the treatment a burden on the children. It is highly essential that such an approach is adopted as children cannot be compelled to cooperate and moreover they may not understand what the processes are all about. At the Healing Touch Eye Centre, the prime aim is to help the child live his childhood.