Any procedure conducted involving the eyelids, the orbit or the face and the tear ducts, comes under the general term of Oculoplastic surgery. Some surgeries which fall under this category are Ocular reconstructive surgery, facial plastic surgery, any kind of cosmetic procedure, the aesthetic eyelid surgery. The Healing Touch Eye Centre is one of the Best Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Delhi.

There are some of the Oculoplastic surgeries which are considered to be necessary both medically and cosmetically. Just for example if there is certain eyelid or the issues concerning the periocular which is affecting the person’s appearance together with the eye comfort they hold, the eye health or the vision, etc, they need to have Oculoplastic surgery.

Once you are confirmed with the type of surgery you want, the surgeons check on to the insurance company and determine whether they cover the following procedure.

Oculoplastic Surgeon is an ophthalmologist who undertakes some additional training which helps them focus on the better management of the eyelid and the associated abnormalities, the orbital disease and the tearing problems associated.

Procedures included in the Oculoplastic surgery

1.  Entropion repair or the inward folding eyelids correction
2.  Ectropion repair or the outward turning eyelids correction
3.  Ptosis repair or the correction of the upper or lower eyelids dropping issues
4.  External DCR or restoring of the tears flow

Some associated facts about Oculoplastic surgery

1.  It can be sometimes performed on the outpatients. One can go home the same day. Recovery is quick.
2.  It is performed on people of all ages due to either reason. The Healing Touch Eye Centre also provides some concerned customized LASIK surgery in Delhi.
3.  It is one of 5 cosmetic plastic procedures that are performed all over. At Healing touch eye center they have the best Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Delhi.

Types of Oculoplastic surgery

There are varied things which one needs to know apart from the implantable contact lens cost in Delhi. some of the types of Oculoplastic surgery are:

1.  Eyelid surgery, which includes eyelids reconstruction or the diagnosis of eyelid tumors etc.
2.  Surgery of Tear Duct
3.  Orbital surgery which helps manage the thyroid and some of the concerned eye disorders or the trauma or tumors.
4.  Pediatric Oculoplastic surgery for correction of defects and management of eye disorders. At the Healing Touch Eye center, one can get the best Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Delhi.
5.  Lifts of the eyebrows and the forehead.
6.  The Facial Rejuvenation which concerns facial implants, lower facelifts, etc.
7.  Some non-surgical treatments provided by the surgeons are skin rejuvenation which includes laser skin treatments, etc. It also includes facial filler injections for reducing the wrinkles by the best Pediatric ophthalmologist in Delhi.

What to know before having surgery about Oculoplastic surgery?

1.  Is there any activity that we need to avoid while we are in the recovery period?
2.  Will the surgery conducted will be under the local or general anesthesia?
3.  How much time should I take from work off following the concerned Oculoplastic surgery or the customized LASIK surgery in Delhi?
4.  Are there any kinds of risks associated or benefited involved with the Oculoplastic surgery?
5.  What would be the cost of the surgery conducted? Is there anything extra for implantable contact lens cost in Delhi?
6.  How long would it take me after the Oculoplastic surgery or after the customized Lasik surgery in Delhi is conducted, to get back to the daily normal life?
7.  Is there anything or any kind of steps that can be undertaken if I am not satisfied by the results of the surgery? If so, then what are they?

The healing touch eye center is one of the best Pediatric ophthalmologist in Delhi. They have super specialty eye care services that meet the right standards concerning both surgical and diagnostic services for eyecare. They provide LASIK laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, etc and with the best of technology and a team of high experience, they assure the staff provides the best of services. It is one of the right chosen eye care center by the people of Delhi. They concern over the concerns of their patients with the right compassion and sensitiveness providing them with the right required satisfaction.

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