Squint (strabismus) can be an eye disorder shown in adults as well as children. Also inferred as wall-eyed the eyes point in varied directions. Sometimes one eye remains focused while the other drifts in a contrary direction. There is a misalignment in the eyeballs which generally occurs due to the weakening of eye muscles and deficiency of necessary nutrients. Healing Touch Eye Centre is one of the prominent Eye hospitals for squint services in Delhi.

Let’s understand what causes it- Dr Piyush Kapoor, an eye specialist, says that it arises due to an improper balance of muscles, refractive error, childhood disorders, nerve palsy and different other reasons.

It can be dealt with on time by some simple eye exercises and diet modifications. As per the doctors, it can also turn into a lasting eye problem if it is not treated on time. There are many ways you can get alleviate this problem by doing some simple eye exercises, medical treatment and wearing suitable lenses. However, If conservative methods to correct squint are not successful your consultant may recommend surgery.

Treatment of Squint:-
There are some conservative methods for treating squint:-
  •  take rest and work less on screen.
  • have a balanced diet.
  • some  eye exercises.
  • and squint surgery.


Why Healing Touch is best for squint services in Delhi:-

Healing Touch is the best-preferred destination for squint services in Vikaspuri, Delhi.  the team of experienced and highly qualified consultants and staff of workers are committed to providing their patients with the best health care. We also provide laser surgery with the proper medication and care. We use an exceptional blend of knowledge, excellence and advanced technology to provide you with the best eye care services.

Healing Touch Eye Centre is known for its excellent eye care services. We use conservative and surgical methods for squint treatment. We mostly prefer to treat this problem without surgery but when it’s complicated we need to perform laser surgery and a long medication process.

The recovery process of surgery:-

Most people make a good recovery from squint surgery. As with any procedure, there could be complications also.

 Common difficulties may occur:-:
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
Particular complications of squint surgery:
  • Continued squint
  • Localised bleeding in the eye
  • Injury to the eyeball (rare)

If you feel complications with your recovery process then we are always here to help you with further medication and care. We have a team of professionals who will assist you with the right treatment, medicines and proper health care.

So, if you are looking for the Squint services in Delhi, Healing Touch Eye Hospital is here to help you at the most reasonable prices and excellent services.


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