A cataract is mainly a dense cloudy area that forms in the lens of the eye. With the forming of clumps because of the protein, a cataract starts. This prevents sending clear visual from lens to retina. Then the retina converts the light that comes through the lens into the signals. These signals are sent to the optic nerves which are then carried to the brain. Then slowly you will start seeing things blurry. Usually, a cataract doesn’t form in both eyes at the same time. In old people, cataracts are very common. Choose the best eye hospital in Delhi to get rid of the vision problem.

Symptoms of cataracts:

There are some symptoms of cataracts which even include:

• People may face a problem seeing at night
• The vision is blurry
• The color they see is faded
• May see the double vision in the affected area
• Have to change the glass power frequently

A cataract is one of the vision problems where a person sees everything blurry if you want to get rid of this visit the best eye hospital in Delhi NCR. As there is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens which is one of the parts that mainly focuses the light on the retina for an image. This mainly affects the old people and if not treated at the right time it can even cause blindness.

There is a surgery that takes place where the cloudy lens is removed and then it is replaced with the artificial lens inside the eyes. There is a technique where there is no stitch is required. Here a small ultrasonic probe is being inserted into the eye through an incision which is even less than 2.2 mm.

After this high-frequency ultrasound waves are being used to fragment the cataract which is then washed out from the eye. Then artificial lenses are being inserted into the eye. This process doesn’t require any stitch and it is a self-healing process. The patient can go home on the same day of surgery.

The recovery is faster as compared to the traditional method. There is a certain thing which is needed to be taken care of during the recovery. That the patient should not travel, must wear black glasses so that the eye doesn’t get contact with heavy lights. The patients should not lift heavy things which can harm their eye and should keep there figure away from their eyes.

The next step is to dissolve cataracts where a new computer-guided femtosecond laser is used. There is a machine called optical coherence tomographer is used so that the whole process is more accurate and bladeless. This helps the surgeon to get the accuracy that is even unmatched by the human hands.

Once the data is entered the machine will do its work. Cutting the tissue was traditionally performed by a knife. This technique helps the surgeon to improves its technique and eliminates any human error. cataract surgery cost in Delhi is reasonable and high accuracy.