LASIK eye surgery has taken over the traditional surgery techniques due to a number of benefits that have not only reduced the time of the time consuming long operations but also reduced the risks involved since it doesn’t require the doctors to make incisions hence no stitches are needed. To understand it lets understand what exactly LASIK surgery is. LASIK surgery is basically a surgery with the aid of advanced technology that uses emission of high energy beam with a short radius to burn off the extra cells and reshape the curvature of your retina. When we say, “burn down” people often feel it must be painful and dangerous but contrary to popular beliefs, this is not the case as the area of the beam exposure is extremely short, comparable to the size of cells, something that cannot be even seen with naked eyes; and the energy is shot using computers that allows only enough energy that can affect only a single cell or a cluster of cells at a time.

Earlier there was another issue, anaesthesia that required patients to have a perfect heartbeat, sugar-level and blood pressure but with LASIK such issues are not even remotely effective and the patient is safe from any complexity. It has become the best option for correcting eye defects and other chronic and non-chronic eye problems. Thin flap LASIK is one of the most chosen LASIK methods as it reduces the risks and ensures 100% results.

However, whether LASIK eye surgery causes eye floaters or retinal tear can be answered by understanding what are eye floaters. The eye floaters are black dots or patches that you see when you look around. These shadows seem to float around in front of you. The cause of these dark spots is abrupt injuries on the retina that cast a shadow and you see them on every glance. Similar is the case of a retinal tear, in which an injury is caused on the retina and it affects your vision. In general, LASIK eye surgery does not cause such injuries as scars are not left open. The cells on which surgery has been carried out are burned so the chances of worsening aren’t feasible. However, experts recommend that one must choose any kind of eye surgery, irrespective of whether it is LASIK or an incision one, one must get to know the background of the clinic well. The Healing Touch Eye Centre is one of the best eye centres that is known for providing the best LASIK eye surgery in Delhi. In fact, it has zero cases of complications. Patients who have opted for its services have given positive reviews and the well-qualified doctors are known to have tackled some serious cases with ease. When it comes to Laser surgery in Delhi the Healing Touch Eye Centre has its expertise with the class of its own. Carried out with highly advanced computers under the supervision of well-qualified and trained doctors, the safety of the patients is always the first priority. Perhaps, it is due to this reason that it has emerged as the best eye centre.