Digital Eye Syndrome strain is the reference to the set of eye and vision issues due to prolonged computer or digital gadget usage. Eye pain and tiredness, dry eyes, poor vision, and headaches turn out to be the related symptoms.

Digital Eye Syndrome

Digital Eye Syndrome: The highlight

Digital Eye Syndrome is a medical condition that leads to symptoms arising from the use of digital devices, including smartphones, iPods, laptops, and desktops.


Some of the common symptoms that you may suffer from include:

Blurred or double vision
Eyes feel sore, tired, hard to keep open
Red eyes
Dry eyes, or weepy eyes
Neck and shoulder pain
Strain in eye muscles
Burning sensation
Increased sensitivity to light

Eye muscles turn out to be working hard, all the time you are focusing on the computer screen. When you’re looking away from the screen, eye muscles relax which can be done by focusing on something in the distance.

Reducing DES

Manage the condition by taking into consideration certain treatment options.

  • Eye check with an ophthalmologist

Eye test with an Ophthalmologist at The Healing Touch eye center can guide you regarding the best treatment of your vision problems due to Digital Eye Syndrome

  • Treating dry eye

Eye drops that are artificial tears keep the surface moist. Drops, gels, or ointments applied before starting to use digital devices take care of the eyes. Keep the room with a computer, well-humidified.

Final thoughts

Vision is vitally important. At the same time, we cannot keep away from the digital screens in this modern age. Take steps to reduce the exposure, and it can surely reduce the chances of strain. You can get the assistance of a specialist from The Healing Touch Eye Centre, who will give you the right advice to reduce the issues. Please like and share my Facebook Page