Black fungus has come up with the latest manifestations, and so people are already worried whether it is affecting their eyesight or not. Blurred or double vision, with pain, fever, and thrombosis skin lesions, is common signs of Mucormycosis. The critical situation must consider supervision by an eye specialist in Janakpuri.

Signs of eyes getting affected

  • The common symptoms of black fungus infection include dryness of the inner walls of the nose. Besides, it can cause nasal congestion. You will see that the eyes become swollen and redness of the eyes is common as well. You can notice headaches.
  • Always keep a watch on the symptoms. It’s worth noting that Mucormycosis prove to be dangerous and, when left untreated, can cause mutilating damage to the eyes. There may be a partial or complete loss of vision that can also increase the chances of brain infection.
  • The chances of the infection are more for those on medication or who have underlying health problems. They have a reduced ability to fight environmental pathogens, so there may be the highest chances of facing eye damage.
  • The grouping of the eyelids and swelling of the eyes are common with Mucormycosis. Besides, one may also notice the loss of vision in time regarding the blood or complete loss of vision. Besides, one can also notice the black patches of the fungus around the eyes. Besides that, there will also be chest pain, the meaning of the respiratory symptoms, and similar other issues whenever the fungus grows.
  • In cases of the sinus, there may be the symptoms like facial swelling, black marks on the nasal bridge and the upper side of the mouth. Besides that, one can start getting the increased signs of nasal and eye discharge. In the case of severe abnormalities, do not refrain from taking the assistance of Eye Hospital In Janakpuri.


An individual must always watch out for the typical symptoms like stuffy or bleeding nose, swelling of the eye or pain in the eye, and blurred vision. Once symptoms occur, one should take the assistance of the hospital as soon as possible. One shouldn’t take it can lightly because Mucormycosis can be responsible for leading to vision impairment.

Final words

Eye Hospital In Vikaspuri, the Healing Touch Eye Clinic can keep you away from the risk. But in all cases, there won’t be the need for the removal of the eye. However, the extraction is important when there is a severe threat to the nervous system leading to the ultimate life risk. The treatment of the disease also causes the involvement of the ENT, dental, and eye surgeon.


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