Contoura Vision laser surgery is the latest in advancement in specs removal treatment. It also uses laser but it goes beyond Lasik and SMILE treatments. The Contoura Vision corrects corneal irregularities in addition to correcting the specs power.

Let’s quickly delve into the advantage of Contoura Vision and check its reliability in comparison to others

1. US approves this treatment

The US approved Contoura Vision laser surgery for treating common eye problems in 2016. The treatment got FDA approval after going through multiple quality tests including T-Cat LASIK Study. It came to India as the most trusted specs removal technology. With time, it is proved that Contoura Vision is also the safest eye surgery available.

2. Better results

The results achieved with Contoura Vision are much better in comparison to Lasik and SMILE. It isn’t that the regular laser surgery has become redundant but that the latest technology gives much better results.

3. More chances of vision improvement

Results found during clinical trials on Contoura Vision patients found that over 40% of the candidates have 6/6 vision. They can read like any other normal person with healthy eyes. On the contrary, Lasik and SMILE could boost the specs power to a limited extent.

4. Comfortable for night driving

Contoura Vision is better suited for patients that want enhancement of night-vision. The latest technology in laser surgery can reduce the vision problems in low-light conditions by over 4% in comparison to other procedures. Also, the patients have no additional issues like halos and glare.

5. Quick recovery

The recovery speed in Contoura Vision treatment is twice in comparison to SMILE treatment and once to Lasik. Faster recovery also attracts patients towards the latest treatment option. You won’t have to take long leaves from work or miss your social life due to eye surgery, if you are going for the best.

Could I go for Contoura Vision?

Many people opt for the latest treatment option but candidature for Contoura Vision laser surgery is determined on the overall health, eye condition and age of patients. Let an eye expert examine your eye and make an opinion on your candidature for the latest in laser treatment.

What is cost of Contoura Vision treatment?

There’s little need to hide the fact that this treatment is expensive in comparison to others. But the advantages of the treatment prove that it deserves a higher price tag. Contoura Vision laser surgery could cost you from ₹95,000 to ₹1,15,000.