People with vision difficulties have many options to help correct their vision and promote eye health. Many people opt for contact lenses or eyeglasses because they are reasonable and quick. However, surgical options are also available for permanent vision correction. Contact Lens Care & Safety are capable provide you with a promising vision.

Healing touch provides the best eye care and permanent contact lens surgery in Delhi. We have a team of professional and experienced consultants. And they work under Dr Piyush Kapoor, an eye specialist in Delhi.

Eyeglasses and Contact lenses both can correct these vision problems
  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism

Eyeglasses are put on the nose bridge and are away from the eyes. wearers can choose from plenty of options, including lens and frame material, frame size, style, and colour. You can also choose to have lenses that darken in sunlight or choose a coating that protects the eye from glare during screen work. They are quick, susceptible, and somewhat expensive manner to improve vision. but Glasses can impact or block peripheral vision, eyesight can be worsened or lost, also affects the looks and personality, and can fog up and further get dirty in sporting or outdoor activities.

Contact lenses:-

Contact Lens Care & Safety are directly put into the eyes and there are two methods one is the surgical method and another is non-surgical. In the surgical method, doctors put contact lenses permanently into the eyes and they work as a permanent part of your eyes. And another one is the non-surgical method where you can put lenses by yourself and the lenses are temporary. Healing touch eye centre provides both permanent contact lens surgery and eyeglasses to the patients according to their needs and allowance.

  • Contact lenses can correct and promote vision without impacting appearance,
  • a decent choice for sports and further outdoor workouts,
  • are safe and comfortable to wear,
  • manageable and simple to put in and remove
  • Contact lenses do not implicate peripheral vision.
  • Do not fog up or get dirty.

Implantable contact lenses are contact lens options used for improving the vision, but unlike traditional contact lenses, these are placed such that they remain in the eye for a much longer period. While the regular external contact lenses are placed on the surface of the eye, implantable lenses are surgically positioned inside the eyes. It is implanted between the iris and the natural lens. However, if there are any vital alterations in vision. Healing Touch Eye Centre provides the best eye care and permanent contact lens surgery in Delhi. 

Healing touch eye centre provides contact surgery with advanced technology and the best eye care at a reasonable cost. It is the best option for eye care services such as Lasik surgery, oculoplastic surgery, contours vision correction, squint etc. best eye care services, medicines, surgery and glasses or lenses everything is available under one roof.

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