LASIK procedures involve the use of a laser to improve the curvature of the Cornea. The need for doing so is to focus the light on the retina. LASIK surgery, from the clinic for Contoura Vision Lasik Laser In Delhi is the most commonly performed specs removal procedure. It involves some rules and regulations that can ensure better treatment for the eyes.

Healing Touch Eye Centre, a reputed clinic for Contoura Vision Laser In Janakpuri has the team for the Spectacles Removal Surgeries. These experts can do so by Contoura Vision. Contoura Vision Specs Removal Surgery is an easy process without any pain.

Contoura Vision: The procedure

Contoura Vision involves the surgery on the cornea, which serves as the clear covering on the front of the patient’s eye.

Contoura Vision works in the form of the computer-guided topographic mapping procedure for mapping microscopic contours. Contoura Vision procedure operates irregularities of the curvature of the cornea alongside the optics. Irregularities in the curvature prove to be the underlying problem of vision. The surgery emphasizes mainly the visual axis. That said, it is completely different from the LASIK procedures focused only on the pupillary axis.

First, the surgeon uses an instrument that is referred to as a topographer.

Then topographer for Contoura Vision Lasik In Janakpuri takes thousands of measurements and will graph the entire measurement of the cornea.

These measurements work in the form of a clue to provide a detailed map, including any irregularities on your cornea’s surface.

The topographer takes the role of correcting these irregularities by making 22,000 unique elevation points on the cornea.  Also, the eye expert in this way creates a perfectly smooth surface, enhancing visual quality.

Contoura treatment for the specs removal involves the surgeries on the visual axis, which serves in the form of the natural axis of seeing.

Some of the modern Contoura Vision procedures can also correct presbyopia. This method can be one of the best solutions for people who want to correct vision problems and don’t want to wear spec and can’t tolerate a contact lens.

Final words

Contoura Vision Specs Removal Surgery is gaining potential gradually for the range of the benefits that it renders. Moreover, the procedure isn’t a very time taking one with a lesser number of side effects that make it stand out.


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