The first step in cataract treatment is diagnosis and the eye exam can be performed at home. Check whether you have one of the following issues with vision.

  • It becomes very difficult to see in low-light conditions
  • Sensitivity to light increases to unbearable level
  • Halos around light sources
  • Double or ghost vision – seeing things in twos
  • Colors appear to be faded or blurred

But these symptoms won’t appear together. The problem starts with cloudy vision but it is detected only when it covers the entire lens. Also, the lens might appear yellowish or brownish due to cloud formation. In the long run, it would become harder to perform everyday tasks.

Its time to see a doctor

If you find any change in vision, you should talk to your doctor for complete eye exam where an expert would check your vision to make sure that everything is fine. If he finds a problem, he would start cataract treatment.

Symptoms can be treated

At the first stage, a patient is provided prescription eyeglasses. Wearing an eyeglass improves vision but it might not work in the long run. The vision could deteriorate overtime requiring high-power glasses. For example, use of bright lights, anti-glare glasses and magnifying glasses could ease the irritating symptoms to a certain extent.

Need for surgery

A time comes when prescription eyeglasses stop working. The vision becomes blurred and life becomes difficult. It is time to go for surgery that is the only cure available for the problem.

Talk to your doctor about surgical option. Your doctor would give a fair and impartial opinion after examining your eyes and studying your overall physical health. In most cases, surgery is considered the last option to remove the cloudy formation over lens.

Laser surgery

Lasik surgery is the best cataract treatment available. Its advantage is that it provides quick and long-lasting relief from the symptoms. You might need wearing prescription glasses post-surgery but the glasses would be of light power and you can remove the glasses with the assistance of your doctor.

Post Lasik surgery, your life would be easy. You will return back to normal and enjoy all that the life has to offer. After cataract treatment, you can see clearly in night, drive to long distances, watch movies and even play with kids. Lasik surgery and a few precautions is all you need to do to take care of your aging eyes. 

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