Elderly persons are experienced in life but at the same time their body needs attention. It is estimated that senior citizens are more prone to health issues than young ones or the ones currently running through their middle ages. The reasons of such issues could be anything and particularly, deficiency of vitamins, high blood pressure, protein build up in the body or even excess uric acid in blood. Obviously, such ailments can make all the family members anxious. After all, how can you stay fine when a member of the family is suffering?

One of the most common health issue among the senior citizens is cataract. A layer of tissues gets built up and it obstructs one’s vision. The only way to correct this problem is by removing the tissue layer. In earlier times, the procedure included incision through the eyes and then removal of the layer, followed by the use of lens to correct vision defects caused by it. Certainly, the process is as scary as it sounds and it is as painful as you can imagine. It could be understood from the fact that the surgery involved anaesthesia. However, with the emergence of LASIK technology, the pain is gone and the patients can go back to their homes in a few hours. The LASIK Cataract Surgery uses beams of LASER that burns the cells of the tissue. The cells are so minute that the burning of the cells is hardly felt. The tissue is removed and due to the use of LASERS, the curvature of the retina can be reshaped, thus helping you in getting independent of lenses.

At the moment of time, you must be thinking, how can a person take care of eyes in elderly persons as it is seen that they are vulnerable to vision defects due to their age too. So, here is a list of few remedies that can help your elderly beloved in taking care of his or her eyes:

  1. Diet consisting of items rich in Vitamins

Vitamins are necessary for healthy eyes. If you feel that your elderly parent or family member is not getting vitamins from fruits and vegetables, then you can also include supplements on your doctor’s advice.

  1. Relax the eyes

Old people often pass their time in reading newspapers and watching television but instead of helping them get away with their stress, these habits affect their vision. Rest at regular interval of time is highly necessary as it relaxes one’s eyes.

  1. Use eye drops

Eye drops are extremely helpful as they help in re-lubricating your eyes and refreshing them.

  1. Eye Exercise

Simple eye exercises, as advised by your eye specialist can relax your eyes and help in relieving the eyes from regular stress that our elderly dear ones go through during the day time.

If any problem is faced by the elderly, then immediate consultation is recommended. There are well-known eye centres like the Healing Touch Eye Centre that offers the best LASIK eye surgery in Delhi NCR. An early diagnosis can ensure your loved one’s comfort.