Not all are under our control, but for what is, we should never back out. Just as the same for all those who wear the glasses have a choice to get free from such encumbrance. There are some options which can also correct the vision permanently and for all those who don’t fit in the line of being eligible for LASIK surgery can take advantage of Implantable Contact Lens.

Implantable Contact Lens or ICL also called to be Phakic IOL’s are lenses (Micro thin). The natural lens gets implanted with the same above it so that the spectacle power can be corrected. They are just like the contact lenses but herein this case, they are no temporary. It needs no regular wear as the same is permanent. Even the vision offered by the same is better than Contact lenses. It’s surgical but most effective and safe means to correct the power.

Eligibility for ICL surgery

1.Candidate needs to be 18 years or above
2.No pregnant or breastfeeding ladies allowed
3.No eye disease
4.No contraindication by controlled diabetes
5.The number of specs should be stable for a year

Implantable Contact Lens Surgery Cost in Delhi

INR 80,000- INR1,25,000 (per eye) is the approximate cost for ICL implants in Delhi. Implantable Contact Lens at Best Price in Delhi can deem to be high but think about the benefits it got to offer with the permanent nature of same. It is long-term money save for better and clearer eye sights.

The costs of these surgeries depend upon varied factors. It can be the Doctor, the prescription or the type of procedure one chooses to get through. Some other factors which can determine the cost of the implant are the hospitals and the surgeon’s fee or the pre-surgical screening, the post-ups, etc. The Implantable Contact Lens at Best Price in Delhi is costlier than the LASIK surgery.

But no matter how much you spend today, the 10 years cost for the glasses would be high than the surgery undertaken. One can go for thinner lenses, if their prescription is strong but remember, the cost might vary with every inclusion like anti-glare or anti-scratch, UV, etc. One single surgery can save you from all those upcoming 10 years pocket spend as for this is what the bigger picture here is.

Remember, once the ICL implant is done with the Implantable Contact Lens at Best Price in Delhi, there will be no requirement for contact lenses or glass, with an exception to same would be people above 45 years of age who might for sure be in requirement of their reading glasses.

The Healing Eye Touch Centre in Delhi is one among the best eye centres around where on can get their ICL implant, all within the budgets. For all the successful surgeries they made to date, the experiences have made them stronger and better. Even the technology is updated therein from time to time for the betterment of the patient by every means. So, in case you feel any deficiency in the eye, contact them today and get the issues sorted, surgically.