It is often said that glasses appear good only on windows not on your face. Jokes apart, it is a matter of fact that glasses bring restrictions in your unfettered life and if you are an active person then you can seriously get irritated with having them producing hurdles in your way. Just imagine you are about to start a game and you have to always remember that you have a pair of glasses that is fragile in nature.

Another unsaid aspect of glasses is that if they break, they can cause you injuries, fatal enough to cause vision loss. Another demerit that spectacles carry is its failure to tackle glare. There have been claims that certain companies are producing glare-free glasses but are they really immune to such problems? To understand the phenomena, you need to understand how such immunity is achieved. The feature is obtained by applying a coat of a special material and that is not permanent. It fades away and you get troubled with glares. Similarly, there is perhaps no solution for vision defects that require non-uniform curvature of the glasses. Some people use bi-focal glasses but do they really work? In a survey, it was found that a significant number of people, ageing about 40 and has been using bi-focal glasses complained about discomfort while focusing on an object from another.

Cataract is one of the most common vision defect in which a layer of muscles appears over the retina and it causes blurry vision. It can be thick enough to completely block the vision. There are other problems like eye-floaters and abrupt eye lens angles and glasses may not be able to provide the best solution. However, the good news is, you can correct all these problems with a LASIK eye surgery. People often think that it’s something scary and painful but contrary to popular beliefs, LASIK surgery is painless and easy in terms of procedure. Patients who have gone through the procedure have suggested complete satisfaction over the service as they were able to get rid of their glasses in an astonishingly short period of time.

Among the patients a name was commonly used, and it was The Healing Touch Eye Centre, one of the most trusted eye centres that offer Best Lasik surgery in Delhi NCR. When it comes to the eyes, the most delicate part of one’s body, one can only trust the best one. Perhaps, this was the reason that every time questions about Lasik surgery in Delhi was raised, the people who had availed such a surgery pointed out the same eye centre. According to the reports, there was no post-surgery complication reported. Even the old people, whom surgery are not referred by doctors could get rid of their cataract with the use of this painless technique. One of the patients who seemed to be extremely happy, said that the whole experience was like witnessing a dream coming true. Since her childhood, she wanted freedom from her glasses but nothing worked until she met Dr. Kapoor at The Healing Touch Eye Centre.