Cataract is one of the most common eye defect that occurs among the elderly persons. It is often advised by the ophthalmologists that you get your elderly loved one an eye surgery at an initial stage as with time the layer of muscles forming the cataract get thicker and it becomes difficult for the person to see. If left untreated, this can lead to permanent damage to the vision.

However, experts advise not to go for a surgery when the elderly person is a diabetic and suffers from high sugar level or the age of the person is not deemed appropriate to sustain the operation. To understand the scenario, lets understand the process of lens implants and risks involved in the process. The process includes a small slit on the first layer of the patient’s eye followed by removal of the extra layer of tissues grown or cataract. Once it is removed, a lens is implanted to facilitate the visionary action of the patient. However, there are some risks that are involved in this process. Eyes being a delicate organ, a small mistake can cause serious medical issues. In fact, a small mistake by the team operating can lead to vision loss forever. At the same time this process requires high precision. The slits if made even minutely longer, can cause excessive bleeding and clots within the eye.

As mentioned above, with age the levels of thromboplastin reduce in the blood and this prolongs the clotting of blood, so upon such surgeries, it takes much longer time depending upon the patient’s age. But what should be solution then? Medical researchers have been conducting extensive research on how to maximize efficiency and minimize the risk. Everything changed with the innovation of LASIK Eye Surgery. It is based on LASER technology, that is beams you high energy light are targeted at the overgrown muscles and this burns out the area and gives it desired curvature. One may think, if it is safe since words like LASER and burning are being used. Contrary to popular beliefs, LASERs are an essential and useful technology when it comes to medical sciences instead of sci-fi warfare that we see on movie screens.

LASERs have been in use in surgeries and have shown better results in terms of making slits without tearing the blood vessels since they burn the area and stop bleeding. The same technology is used in LASIK Eye Surgery and it is doesn’t allow bleeding. Hence elderly patients too can have such a surgery. It is precise and is able to remove the excess tissue in bits without bothering the patient. Another aspect of LASIK Eye Surgery is that the same procedure can be followed to give desired curvature, what means is that, lens implantation is not required and the patient can simply carry on his or her day to day life within a day or two, unlike the patients opting for Lens implantation which is both time consuming and risky.