Lasik procedure is one of the best surgeries that can help solve the issues of myopia. The actual procedure for Lasik surgery takes less than 10 minutes per eye. Depending on the amount of correction needed, laser surgery by the expert eye specialists from Lasik Laser Surgery In Janakpuri involves 20-50 seconds to correct vision. However, one must visit the office for approximately an hour and a half on surgery day. Vision becomes stable and clear at the six-month for most of the patients.

Lasik Surgery in Delhi

Overcoming the mild irritations

Experiencing dry eyes, halos, glare, and similar other visual disturbances after LASIK is common. However, the Patients start seeing 20/20 or better in 24 hours. The procedure is an easy one and the fast recovery time also makes it better.

Now the question is whether or not the process is painful.

Is Lasik Surgery painful?

Lasik surgery turns out to be painless because the surgeon numbs the eye with eye drops. Pain or discomfort afterward is usually minimal. Lasik eye surgery patients usually feel like something is floating around in their eyes. But, the truth is that LASIK surgery doesn’t hurt. There is never an involvement of heavy sedatives, or injections when one takes the service from Contoura Vision Lasik Laser Surgery In Janakpuri. All it involves is just eye drops! There is the use of the local anesthetic eye drops to numb eyes before eye surgery begins. Usually, the patients feel a “slight pressure sensation” during the surgery.

What Age Is Best For Laser Eye Surgery?

Patients at least 21 years of age are suitable for LASIK or PRK vision correction. Some patients around 18 years have also received excellent and stable results. The minimum age limit is 18. The importance is more on the health of the eyes and the stability of the refraction. Conducting various eye examinations helps find out the most suitable LVC procedure based on the type of eye. Perfect candidates for the surgery are the ones between the ages of 20 and 40.

Final words

It can be said that LASIK eye surgery is a comfortable one. Most surgeons also state that 20-40 is the ideal age range for LASIK eye surgery. By 25, eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions become likely stabilized. A stable prescription from a reputed clinic like Healing Touch Eye center under the supervision of Dr. Piyush Eye Specialist can guarantee whether you are a good LASIK candidate or not. Please Like and Share my Facebook Page


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