Lasik treatment is associated with the essence of the most optimal vision care facilities. People tend to resort to an advanced vision correction method such as Lasik Surgery in Delhi because it shares an unfailing commitment towards catering to a reasonable and promising patient wellness program.  

If you are heading to get yourself professional and specialized help through contoura vision laser in Janakpuri, you need to get a hang of the treatment program and recovery phases.   

Avert fierce daylight

In the first place, you will ensure that you don’t uncover your eyes in harsh or severe daylight. It’s a complete no-no. Strong daylight could give you trouble especially in a phase when you have just come out of a Lasik surgery process. You need to be aloof from any form of strong artificial light as well for some time.

Do not engage in playing video games

Do not intend to go for long periods of video gaming sessions. It could lead to a lethal impact. At the same time, you should also make it a point that you refrain from long hours of movie watching or TV show watching.

Indulge in post Lasik follow-ups

This is an extremely important step for you to do after the Lasik surgery has taken place. Lasik follow-ups in an adequate measure will decide how fast you recover. Do not miss out on any appointment with Piyush Kapoor’s eye specialist in this vital phase. As a matter of fact, you need more attention, care as well a doctor’s advice in this phase.  

No more extreme sports and heavy exercises  

Once you are through with the Lasik surgery procedure, it’s imperative that you keep a low profile in the arena of extreme sport and heavy exercises. Choose to be aloof from them for a considerable period of time. Doctors opine that you need to go easy on any sort of hard work in this period.  

Avert dusty and smoky areas

There is one more aspect that you need to adhere to meticulously. You should always stay away from any place which happens to fall in the category of dusty and smoky. Dirt, dust as well as smoke could be fatal. So, eluding them is the best thing to do.

Plan up an appointment with  dr Piyush eye specialist for credible Lasik surgery consultation

You ought to book an appointment with none other than dr Piyush so that you can take the leverage of a timely consultation, tailored specifically for your needs. If you have a vision correction requirement, we are there to help. For more information and value-driven suggestions, we would solicit you to follow our blogs on a regular basis. Keep tagging and stay safe. God bless. Please Follow and Like Facebook Page and Post


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