Eyes are one of the most important and useful parts of our body and they symbolize a lot about a person. If you are searching for the best pediatric ophthalmology near you you need not wander a lot.

For the best care given to your eyes, we at Healing Touch Eye center bring to you our best infrastructure and great pediatric ophthalmology technology to cater to all of your needs. Be it a general eye check-up or any kind of complex eye problem we have the best team of an ophthalmologist who are experienced in their field with the vast exposure towards the subject and latest technology. We ensure that our panel of experts makes the best use of their profession for giving you all that is needed for your eye-related concerns.

A better vision from the very beginning is quite a compulsion these days. So having the right evaluation and diagnosis of eye concerns in a child needs a good knowledge of experience as well as expertise in this field. We at Healing Touch Eye Centre, have the best pediatric eye specialist in Delhi to offer a wide range of services especially pertaining to the kids under our Paediatric Eye Services with the expert supervision of our eminent consultants’ team in the pediatric ophthalmology department. Our exhaustive medical services include every type of kids’ visual development problem and other eye-related concerns which your child may be facing. Our team members are well acquainted and have proper expertise and skillset to detect the problems of the eye that your child would be facing.

We manage every disorder of yours with great efficiency and utmost care. We believe in saving your vision for a better tomorrow.

Our environment of the pediatric ophthalmology department is always relaxed, and the staff members keep your children busy in some other activity in order to ensure a trouble and hassle-free eye check-up for your precious little ones.

Services that we provide at Healing Touch Eye Centre for our Paediatric Ophthalmology Department are:

• Pediatric Vision Screening
• Eye Exams & Glasses
• Strabismus (Crossed Eyes, Accommodative, Outward Drift, Vertical Drift)
• Eye Muscle Surgery
• Strabismus Surgery
• Amblyopia
• Pediatric Cataracts
• Paediatric Glaucoma
• Retinopathy of Prematurity
• Paediatric Oculoplasty

At Healing Touch Eye Centre, we provide you the best technology and the latest and state-of-art types of equipment for treating your child’s eye. Our treatment services include all kinds of refractive eye errors, cross-eye, early diagnosis of cataracts and also tumors. For early detection of any related eye condition, a timely eye check-up is advised it is equally good for everyone ranging from infants to teenage children. Disorders of infants and children of all age groups are handled very precisely at our center.

Every operation at The Healing Touch Eye center comes with professional integrity, advanced technology and affordable rates for all so that giving a better vision never seems difficult for you.