The invention of lenses certainly helped mankind in seeing the world clearly even in the presence of vision problems. Although being the latest technology in the past centuries ago, it had shortfalls too. The most cited one being incapability to cure vision defects among the aged group who often face both far-sightedness and short-sightedness. Designers of glasses assumed that one would require positive powered glasses while seeing articles kept close and negative power glasses for seeing further. It resulted in the development of bifocal glasses. But did it really help? Unfortunately no. In fact, it became a problem itself. Glasses soon started affecting the confidence of the wearers and required care. For example, to have a clear vision, in countries like India where dust is common, one is required to have a wipe to clean the glass all the times. Similarly, scratches cannot be cured and the pair of glasses simply end up in the bin.

One may argue that contact lenses are lighter in weight and modern lenses made up of synthetic materials do not irritate your eyes but the question arises, how long can you keep them on? You certainly need to clean them at regular intervals. Moreover, the dust causes serious implications, in fact, it may create holes in your contact lenses.

What if you fix your eyes rather than fixing your vision?

Yes, that’s possible if you go for LASIK eye surgery. The technology removes the extra layer of cells over your retina to ensure the light you see falls at the correct place and you have a perfect vision. It uses lasers to burn the cells. The process is so instantaneous and accurate since it is done with the aid of high precision computers, that you do not feel any pain. Hence, though it’s a surgery, the process is not a painful one. Being a permanent measure, the treatment is for a lifetime. You don’t have to go for tests and visit eyes specialists.

The Healing Touch Eye Centre is one of the clinics that offer best LASIK eye surgery in Delhi. It has revolutionised the industry with its end-to-end solutions and medico-technical expertise. Patients of this eye centre have given positive reviews and said that they are completely satisfied with the services. In words of one of the patients:

I still can’t believe that I don’t need to put on glasses at all. I went into the operation theatre and saw lights as they triggered the Laser. That’s it. The Healing Touch Eye Centre is the best eye centre in Delhi NCR.

Similar was the case of an 80 years old patient. She had cataract but surgery at this age is often avoided as the healing power of the body is reduced. However, with LASIK eye surgery, it is not a problem. The cataract was removed and she is being able to see clearly and have an uninterrupted vision. When asked about the experience, she and her family members as well called the entire process a miracle that is accomplishing what’s often considered impossible.