Lasik eye surgery in Delhi is a great idea to get rid of boring glasses and painstaking pair of contacts but there are many factors to consider before you make an opinion on an eye-center.

Selection of an eye-hospital

1. Popularity

You can go to a popular eye-center to get the best Lasik surgery in Delhi but if you want the things to be simple and affordable then you should study the surgical process that involves pre and post-surgery treatment. Also, you should keep cost in mind. The cost could be over one-lac if you are visiting a big brand.

2. Experienced surgeon

Qualified and experienced eye surgeons have opened their clinics across the length and breadth of Delhi NCR. And these surgeons offer lucrative discount offers to attract patients. Here it is necessary to mention that the price is reduced as a practice of profit sharing and not because of use of cheaper technology or compromising on quality.

3. Personal experience

It isn’t that your surgeon would take you directly to operation theater on your first visit. He will first do a complete checkup of your overall physical health before giving any suggestion on Lasik treatment. But you can take it as an opportunity to make an opinion on a surgeon. For example, you can rely on the surgeon that educates you instead of trying to sell you a package.

4. Facility

When you visit an eye-hospital, you should have a look at the facility and try determining its quality from the services provided. For example, you can check how many surgeries the clinic can handle at a time, whether the clinic staff is trained and how the staff treats the patients.

5. Price

It could be a deciding factor especially when you are short on budget. Do you knowthat Lasik eye surgery in Delhi could cost up to one-lac per eye? In this situation, you would want to shop around to find affordable option but here you can make a mistake that is relying on a cheap eye-center that uses older technology and outdated tools.


To get the best Lasik surgery in Delhi, you need to keep the important factors in mind. You can go to a branded eye center but it is better to shop around and find the best eye surgeon that can operate on your affected eye without making you drain all your savings.