In India, the cost of Lasik surgery varies greatly – from INR 5,000 per eye to lacs of rupees depending on factors like the experience of the surgeon, facilities provided, and brand name.

Note: The prices discussed for Lasik surgery are for one eye only and you need to double these prices to calculate the total cost for Lasik treatment for both eyes.

Lasik cost varies according to technology

Most refractive surgeons in India had one fee for all eye procedures performed with an excimer laser. This laser reshapes the cornea of the eye. And this cost includes the use of supportive technologies like femtosecond laser. This technology is needed for creating the flap in the cornea for bladeless Lasik. But the variation in the fee is visible when different technologies are used. For example, custom Lasik surgery with wavefront technology could cost more than a simple procedure.

Is cheap Lasik surgery a good value?

It’s usual to see advertisements promising Lasik surgery by experienced surgeons for as low as INR 5,000 or even lower per eye in India but you need to look into the details to determine the value of a cheap Laser.

• The bargain price could be for simple procedures like correction of mild short-sightedness. You might need to pay more for surgeries for farsightedness and astigmatism.

• The offer price could include limited services like limiting the number of follow-up visits and charging for additional post-operative care in case of complications. Also, the enhancement/retreatment surgeries are kept out of a free offer.

• The technology used to perform Lasik surgery could be older. It isn’t bad to use older technology but the latest technology boosts the success rate and reduces risks. For example, you won’t get custom Lasik surgery at a bargain price.

Before you go for a low-cost Lasik surgery, you should get a written quote from your hospital so that you know what is included in the offer and how much you need to pay to get complete service.

How to reduce the cost of Lasik surgery?

There are a number of ways to reduce the cost of Lasik surgery. For example, you can take advantage of the special price offered for vision surgeries or you can use your health insurance to cover eye surgery or you can get your Lasik treatment financed at a low-interest rate. High competition among eye hospitals is also an advantage for patients that can expect discounts and additional services covered in operation charges.

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