Oculoplasty services include surgical treatment for correcting deformities that leave a blot on the facial appearance of the affected person. For example, the trauma-induced eyelid condition is a deformity that can disfigure a beautiful face to point of looking ugly. Similarly, distortion of tear drainage passage is can be disfiguring for a face.

Technically it is Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive, Oculofacial or Eye Plastic Surgery. And the surgical process is used to manage deformities and treat abnormalities of eyelids, tear (lacrimal) system, and bony socket (orbit) and the adjacent face.

Here it is necessary to mention that it is only a medical surgeon and eye doctor with comprehensive knowledge and training on advanced plastic surgery that can be called an Oculoplastic Surgeon.

Why oculoplastic surgery is called plastic surgery?

It is called plastic surgery because it is related to the area around the eye. The consists of eyelids and delicate muscles surrounding the eyelids. And these delicate structures are vital for the normal functioning of the eye. And any deformity or abnormality in this structure could result in loss of vision in addition to facial deformity. Advance training on the surgical process and reconstructive surgery are necessary for eye surgeons to perform oculoplastic operations.

Examples of oculoplasty services


Deformities acquired at birth are called congenital. These are Coloboma or gap in the eyelid; Ptosis or drooping eyelids and blocked tear passage that causes watering and eye infections in newborn babies. Children born with such deformities are sent for correction surgeries that can set things right.

The congenital deformities can be treated only with oculoplastic surgery carried out by a team of experienced eye surgeons that take calculated steps in order to achieve desired goals. The surgical treatment is provided soon after the confirmation of the abnormality.


In accidental cases where the victims suffer damage to facial structure, the chances of getting damage to the eye are bigger. The traumatic surgery is needed to reconstruct damaged eyelids and tear passages. The surgery can also remove scars formed due to trauma. It can also correct the loss of eyeball. The surgical process is also used for removing tumors on the eye.

The role of traumatic surgery is to restore the original look and functionality of a damaged eye. But the results achieved depend on many factors including the extent of damage and age and physical health of the patient that can limit the results.

Age related

Aging can create complications in the eyes. For example, Entropion and Ectropion are the conditions where the eyelids become in-turning and out-turning respectively. It is caused due to aging. Similarly, Trichiasis that is rubbing of lashes on the eye is also an age-related deformity. Another eye problem that comes with aging is the blockage of tear passages.

But there is little to worry about these problems because otoplasty services provide effective solutions for the eye problems related to aging. Oculoplastic surgery can give amazing results but much depends on the age and overall health of the patients. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to success.