Eyes are the most vital part of our body and at the same time, it is one of the most delicate part that is vulnerable to injuries and medical conditions like cataract. In general, more than half of the population once in the life time must have faced some problem related to eyes. One of the most common issue is cataract that is often seen among the elderly.

Cataract is basically a layer of tissues that grow in front of the eye lens acting as a curtain that prevents the patient from seeing normally. The complication entirely depends upon the thickness of the tissues and opting for incision surgery can cause a serious threat to one’s life. It isn’t a rocket science that if there is supply of blood then it will bleed and in certain conditions it may take longer to heal the surgery wound. Particularly, when the patient is a senior citizen and there are conditions related to sugar or high blood pressure. In fact, the incision made to operate may cause infection or the cataract tissues may not get removed completely. In the worst case, the surgery may end up in some other condition and even turn you or your loved one blind forever. There is no doubt in the fact that getting cataract removed by incision surgery is dangerous. So what’s the option, you must be wondering. The good news is, there is a way that is safer and the patient can go back home just a few hours after the surgery.

LASIK surgery has become the most advanced and low cost cataract surgery in Delhi. It uses a high energy beam that burns off the tissue and in this process no incision is made. One may think by burning, it would be paining but contrary to popular beliefs, it is not the case as the beam has a radius that is smaller than the size of the cells hence each cell is burn down. Moreover, the process is carried out with the help of highly advanced computers that make the calculated moves and the entire operation is carried out under the supervision of a team of highly qualified and well trained doctors and medical staff. However, it is apt to mention here that the facilities available and in fact, provided by the clinic or hospital entirely depends from one clinic to another. The Healing Touch Eye Centre is regarded the best one to provide the best Cataract eye surgery in Janakpuri, and perhaps in Delhi that has revolutionized cataract surgery with its highly advanced equipment and well trained doctors. What most people admired about it is its commitment to patients’ safety and from time to time it has proved so. The patients have given it positive reviews and it is known for handling some of the most complicated cases with immense ease. At the same time, as a prime eye centre it receives a lot of patients but has given the same priority and care to every single individual.