LASIK surgery has become an important way of curing eye defects and diseases hence there are many questions that come to mind when someone uttered the words, “LASIK”. As usual, we try to find out from friends who may have gone through a LASIK surgery or perhaps researched about it at some point in his or her life. However, this article aims to help you understand the process and also clear common doubts. Contrary to popular beliefs, LASIK is not only an easy process but also far safer than conventional ICL which includes incision and insertion of a lens whereas in LASIK it’s all about a beam of light.

The biggest question is, what all eye problems can you expect to be cured by this process? The answer is, almost all problems can be treated with LASIK eye surgery. Irrespective of whether you have myopia or any other eye problem including squint eyes and cataracts, it can provide you with desired results with complete comfort. In general, there isn’t much chance of complications. In fact, on average, there aren’t much known cases of medical complications caused due to LASIK eye surgeries and the secret lies in its principle and procedure of operation.

As mentioned above, it uses high energy beams of lights called LASER that is used to burn down tissues cell by cell to give the retina or muscles the desired shape. To understand the process better we need to understand what causes eye problems. Eye problems occur due to the irregular shape of tissues having specific functions. For most diseases, the deformity is not visible openly but the situation could be understood with the example of cataract as it is easily visible. In ICL surgery, the extra layer of tissues is removed by making an incision but in the case of LASIK cataract surgery, the layers are burned down at cellular levels. Thus making it the safest eye treatment for cataract.

The entire process is carried out with the use of computers hence the chances of human errors are nearly zero. The time required for the complete process is a few hours and after that, you can simply go back to your home whereas if you opt for the traditional way, you need to have a bed rest of at least a few days and there is always a possibility of post-surgery complications as your body may reject the implanted lens. It is quite evident that the ease and safety of LASIK surgery have attracted people and every year more people are opting for it over other eye treatment procedures. The demand for contour vision Lasik in Vikaspuri has increased significantly in the past few years and the city now has a number of eye centers that offer eye care services with LASIK. In fact, one of the best eye care clinics is The Healing Touch Eye Centre that is known for providing an extensive range of services including Customized LASIK surgery in Delhi, and also for its commitments towards providing the best results in each case with utmost efforts.