If you are looking for glaucoma treatment, you will struggle with the following questions. These questions are important because they are related to the choice of glaucoma treatment option.

Q: What is the objective of treatment?

A: The goal should be to slow down the progression of glaucoma by diffusing the pressure and the goal should be achieved a holistic approach that is to adopt the treatment that has minimal side-effects on the patient.

Q: What treatment options are available for glaucoma?

A: Selection of treatment is made on factors like severity of the condition, age of the patient, and his overall physical condition. But the treatment would always start with medication that includes eye drops. But the patient can opt for laser treatment on the advice of his eye surgeon.

Medications: It is good to start with medicines because they are more tolerable and require no intervention. Also, the effectiveness of the medicine is higher than other options.

The downsides of medicines include side-effects of prescription drugs, allergies, and the hassle of punctuality of administering drugs. The cost of medicines is also a downside for budget-oriented customers.

Surgery: It is taken as the last step when glaucoma becomes uncontrollable with prescription medicines. But there are certain conditions for carrying out surgery. For example, it is suitable for patients suffering from mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma and cataract.

Today surgeons follow minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) that cures both glaucoma and cataract. If you develop cataracts with glaucoma and both are creating serious vision problems, you can opt for MIGS depending on the advice of your surgeon.

Laser Trabeculoplasty: It is the latest in glaucoma treatment and it promises complete relief from the problem without going through the hassle of using eye drops and taking expensive prescription drugs. Doctors today suggest laser surgery that is the most convenient, effective, and affordable of all glaucoma treatments available.

Q: What is the success rate of the treatment options?

A: It is a good question to ask because your decision of choosing a treatment option should depend on its success rate. For example, if your eye pressure is 12 mmHg or less then you can go for MIGS. The surgery would bring the pressure down considerably. MIGS works well up to 15-16 mmHg (millimeters of mercury). But it won’t help if the pressure is greater than 16 mmHg. Your surgeon can give the right opinion on a treatment option.

Q: What are the side effects of the treatments?

A: There is highly any treatment without any side effects. For example, take glaucoma eye drops like latanoprost and bimatoprost. These are prescription drugs and they cause redness in the affected eye, irritation, and eyelash growth. Similarly, you can discuss the side effects of MIGS and laser therapy. But laser has minimum effects.

Q: What is the cost of glaucoma treatment?

The cost varies from medicines to MIGS. But there is little to worry about because the glaucoma treatment is covered in health insurance policies.