With the rise in covid-19 infection, people are quite worried if the pandemic has a link to eye infection as well. Here you will be getting the right answer regarding whether your eyes are susceptible to the infection or not. The evidence of the ocular transmission hasn’t been well studied till now. But, indeed, the mucous membranes that are aligning many cavities of the bodies and organs, including the eyes, will be susceptible to the novel coronavirus as well as the other viruses in general.

The mode of the covid-19 transmission is a droplet from person to person, and in that case, if you have been exposed to someone who is covid positive and then you’re touching the eyes, there may be the success of the infection. Besides our eyes is the portal of the entry for the coronavirus. However, because the surface of the eye is lined by the same mucous membrane like that of the respiratory tract, the infected coronavirus droplets will be landing in the eye. So according to best eye hospital in Delhi there is always a possibility that it also gets infected.

So what are the symptoms linked with covid-19?

One of the possible signs of the covid-19 presence is conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis that is also referred to as the Pink eye, is a common effect of Covid 19. Inflammations will be clear because the mucous membrane that is overlying the eye is susceptible to viral infection. There may be other symptoms of burning sensations, discharge, scratch sensation, as well as eye crusting upon waking. Based on certain evidence, the doctors always believe that around 1 to 3% of the people with the covid-19 will be affected due to conjunctivitis. The eye has a close link with the coronavirus. It will be happening when the virus attacks the tissue that is referred to as the conjunctiva and covers the white part of the eye. That said, there may be the chances of red, swollen, and itchy eyes. In case you are also suffering from a fever, shortness of breath is the right time that you take an appointment with the doctor from the Healing Eye Touch, which is the best eye hospital in janakpuri, and consult regarding the disorders. With it is necessary to see the doctor when you see that your symptoms aren’t going away. It’s worth choosing emergency care. You can see the doctor who will be letting you know regarding the eye infection. The loss of vision, pain, the other vomiting-like symptoms that are associated with the eyes are linked to the covid-19. So they can also recommend you the right contact lens, glasses, medication, and similar other knowledge.

Is there a chance of the covid-19 causing temporary or permanent damage to the eyes?

Due to the lack of oxygen, conjunctivitis is a temporary condition but has always been linking with the covid-19. At this point, it can be said that the permanent and damage from covid-19 hasn’t been reported at all. When the patient is having respiratory distress over a long time, then there will be the chances of oxygen deprivation leading to possible damage to the metabolically active tissues, optic nerve, or the retina. These will be one of the major reasons that have a close link with the decreased oxygen.

Final words

Before the time becomes tedious, it’s always necessary to consider taking assistance from the eye doctors at Healing Eye Touch, the specialised eye hospital in Vikaspuri, who can give you the advanced treatments against the covid 19 that can ensure no more chances of permanent vision loss.