When it comes to explaining how is the world around, we cannot do so with our eyes. Not only they are the most vital parts of our body but also define how we see the world around and dominate our perception. At the same time, just like any other body part, eyes are also vulnerable to diseases and the worst part is, being delicate parts a small hurt can result in serious complications. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no cures. There are birth defects like squint eyes that were once considered to be incurable but the advancement in technology and discovery of new techniques in the field of medical sciences have made the impossible possible. A good example would be the fact that in recent times, squint eyes that once had no option but to impose heavy glasses on the person now have a solution and such people can get a simple operation that leaves no scar, no visible mark that would remind of the squint eyes. Perhaps, these surgeries have brought back the lost confidence of people with squint eyes. How easy it is to get rid of something that had been affecting your confidence level for the entire lifetime. Certainly, there is a wide scope of LASIK surgeries.

One of the most common eye problems is cataracts. It is basically the deposition of layers of tissues before the eye lens that prevents you from seeing properly. It could be a serious problem in some as the success of the surgery involving incision depends on a wide range of factors, such as blood pressure, age, the sugar level of the patient and then the possibility of complications cannot be struck off as the process involves incision and stitches, that is, a scar that has to be healed. Since cataract is observed in patients in their late forties or above, there’s always a possibility that the healing process would take more time than expected, and at the same time, doctors often go for antibiotics which according to experts may not be good for health. A major demerit in this process is that patients cannot go home soon after the surgery as they need to stay under doctor’s supervision whereas, LASIK surgery does exactly what incision surgery fails to do. It uses high energy beams that burn the extra tissue cell by cell without affecting your nervous system thus it is painless and the beams seal the blood vessels so there’s no bleeding either. Moreover, it is computer-aided so there’s no possibility of human errors. Healing Touch Eye Centre is one of the finest places where you can find the best LASIK surgery in Delhi. According to the patients it is has become a prominent eye center that has become the hub of eye care by introducing the best Cataract eye surgery in Janakpuri. The staff is well qualified and trained and the center has all the facilities that are required to carry out LASIK surgery without any hassle. Moreover, it is sanitized at regular intervals to ensure the complete safety of the patients.