The difference between LASIK and PRK is surgical. LASIK procedure comes with the involvement of the creation of a flap in your cornea. PRK, however, doesn’t involve the creation of any such flap. Both PRK and LASIK under the supervision of the eye specialists from Contoura Vision Laser In Vikaspuri, the Healing Touch Eye Centre, help with vision improvement. People that suffer from the issues like Farsightedness, Astigmatism, and nearsightedness can choose these processes.

Comparing PRK Versus LASIK

Both PRK and LASIK have advantages and disadvantages depending on the surgeries needed. The surgeon then performs tests to determine whether PRK or LASIK is best for the patient.

  • Advantages of PRK Over LASIK

PRK costs are less compared to LASIK since the procedure proves to be older, less complex, and requires fewer instruments.

The PRK turns out to be quite suitable for thinner corneas. Patients who are having thin corneas are not eligible for Contoura Vision Lasik In Vikaspuri but can opt for PRK instead. Flap creation makes it mandatory for LASIK to require thicker corneal tissue.

PRK proves to be the most suitable for higher prescriptions. The higher the prescription means, the more corneal tissue needs to be removed. When corneas are thinner, and there is a significant amount of prescription, PRK instead of LASIK proves to be the best.

PRK is a safer option for athletes or military personnel. Some of the high-impact activities, including certain sports, demand correction of the eye conditions by considering PRK.

PRK leads to fewer dry eye symptoms. On the other hand, LASIK leads to the creation of the flap, increasing your risk of dry eye. PRK does not involve corneal flap, and so the patients usually have fewer dry eye issues.

  • Advantages of LASIK Over PRK

LASIK Over PRK under the teams from Customized Lasik Surgery In Delhi guarantees a faster recovery time. When you don’t have the time to wait long, at such times, LASIK is an excellent option. Patients return to work soon after undergoing the Lasik, while during PRK, patients need to take a week off.

LASIK Over PRK guarantees Less discomfort during recovery. LASIK procedure guarantees that the corneal flap allows the eye to heal quickly, with burning and irritation going away within several hours. PRK leads to the condition where some patients need to take oral pain medication to manage discomfort.

LASIK Over PRK guarantees less risk of infection and inflammation. PRK leaves the cornea more exposed, leading to a higher risk of infection and inflammation. Patients who follow instructions do not have to undergo the stages of eye health complications with PRK or LASIK.

Final words

Qualified eye surgeon from a specialized clinic like  They will take your medical history, check your eye health, and speak with you about your expectations for your laser eye surgery. They will provide medical advice and recommend the best surgery based on your overall health.


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