A cataract is still the leading cause of blindness in India. A study made startling revelations regarding the cataract population in India. It put nearly 74% of the population over 60 years of age in the category of cataract patients. But the silver lining in the dark cloud is that cataracts can be cured with laser technology. The laser technology is expensive but a health insurance plan with cataract coverage can help patients in surgeries.

Salient features of cataract health cover

The health insurance companies have expanded their coverage to include cataract surgeries to give quick relief to cataract patients whose population is increasing at a fast pace due to lifestyle-related problems.

Waiting period: It is the time to get a specific disease covered in health insurance. In the case of a cataract, it could be one year or more depending on your insurance plan. Check the waiting period before buying health insurance.

Sub-limit: It is the limit you get for treatment of a specific disease. In case of cataract surgery, you will get a definite sum from your insurer and any additional expense would be your liability. You should check the sub-limit of cataract treatment of health plans before buying one.

The extent of coverage: Cataract is a disease that affects both the eyes but one-by-one. For example, if your left eye is treated for cataract, there are chances of your right eye getting affected after some time. But your insurer might deny the cover to both the eyes depending on your health plan. It is better you look for a more favorable option to cover your cataract surgeries.

Group Insurance Plan

Provided by employers, the group insurance plans often come free from waiting time and sub-limit clause. In other words, if you are covered under a group insurance plan, you could get cataract treatment without any sub-limit soon after the plan comes into force. But you should check your group insurance document before making an opinion on it.

Health insurance for cataract

Today everyone buys health insurance but only a few people take care that they get everything covered in their health plans. A cataract is more related to aging than lifestyle but a fast lifestyle has made people more vulnerable to get this disease early that is 40-50 years. You should get ready to meet this expense. Cataract is curable and there is little need to worry about its cost when you are buying a health insurance plan.

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