Do you experience scratchy, dry, burning, eye pain, or do you feel something this in your eyes? You may even feel Blurred vision excessive tearing eye fatigue aur feeling discomfort while you are wearing contact lenses? There are so many reasons for which you may feel trouble in your eyes searching some reactions, allergies, or infections. If you facing search issues, you must visit Eye Hospital in Vikaspuri.

A lot of people suffer from dry eyes syndrome which can be rated from mild to severe. They are so many people who even don’t know the basic symptoms of dry eyes.

Some dry eyes symptoms:

To keep your eye comfortable your eye needs a layer of tears to properly lubricate the surface. This year’s event helps in keeping away bacteria and dust from your eyes which can even lead to eye damage and infections. The eye hospital VikasPuri has all the trained doctors who exactly know the issue for which you are facing eye irritations.

Most dry eye symptoms mainly occur when there is a lack of lubricants on the surface because there is is not enough tears is produced. They can you some other reasons such as tears quality are weak or it is Apparatus quickly. There are some discomforts that can happen your eyes some are mentioned below:

  • Itching
  • burning
  • soreness or pain
  • redness fungi
  • dryness
  • light sensitivity
  • blurriness feeling like something is inside your eye when blinking
  • the vision can change

Several reasons for which the risk of suffering from dry eye symptoms can increase. They are even some patients who have this issue because of inherent some have these issues due to environmental factors and some due to age. Women are more likely to you have these issues due to hormonal situations, especially during the time of Menopause pregnancy or even consuming birth control pills.  People who have most of their work on screen are even more likely to suffer from this issue. Please Like and Share my Facebook Page