This article would help in understanding why should you take your child only to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Delhi. It would throw light on different visual needs and vision related disorders of children.

  • Brain-eye connection in kids isn’t fully developed and for this reason any vision related problem can develop into lazy eye or amblyopia that can’t be treated with prescription glasses.
  • The congenital anomalies or disorders like refractive errors, misalignment of eyes or even cataract and glaucoma could show up in early years of life. The good thing is that some of the errors can be corrected with prescription glasses.
  • Premature infants run the risk of developing Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP). It is a serious vision threatening problem hence has to be checked at the developing stage. Infants with tumultuous stay in nursery also run the risk of developing RoP.
  • Children are fussy eaters. They want to choose their food but it could lead to malnutrition. Fussy kids are susceptible to deficiency of vitamin A that could lead to eye problems like corneal ulcers and even blindness.
  • Children are more susceptible to allergies and trauma due to outdoor activities. Kids spend most of their time in school and playground and they remain active all the time.
  • Viewing TV from close and playing games on mobile can also become a cause for vision related problems that require early intervention.
  • Some problems like tumor in eye and malignancies are typical of infancy. Regular screening of eyes in childhood becomes necessary to prevent development of these problems.

Symptoms of vision problems in children

  • Poor vision leading to difficulty in reading and copying from blackboard in school
  • Misalignment of eyes like squint
  • Watering eyes, recurring eye infection and frequent headaches
  • Any family history of vision problems

As a responsible parent, you need to be careful about the eye health of your child. The first thing is to notice his activities. For example, if you find him trying to read from close even in proper lighting or you see him rubbing his eyes most of the time, you should take it as a red flag and take your child for complete eye exam by a senior eye surgeon.

Could I take my child to a general doctor?

No, you shouldn’t. After going through the above-discussion, you should understand the value of a pediatric ophthalmologist in Delhi in the life of your child. Only a qualified and experienced pediatric eye surgeon can help in taking care of your child.

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