Advanced technologies in healthcare make the life of patients more comfortable and healthier. Beneficial technologies are like the Contoura Vision and Normal Lasik Surgery are available in the industry. Advanced surgery Contoura Vision surgery, also known as Topography-guided LASIK surgery, provides enhanced benefits. Before undergoing LASIK surgery, people ask what the Difference between Contoura Vision and Normal Lasik Surgery

Following are differences between Contoura vision surgery and LASIK:

Results: Contoura surgery results are better compared to LASIK. One can attain better visual clarity and correction in refractive error.

Scope: The scope of Contoura is more than vision correction. Besides, it treats the abnormality in the corneal curvature.

Technology: Contoura surgery technology is more advanced compared to conventional LASIK surgery. Conventional LASIK surgery maps 200 points on the cornea. On the other hand, you can benefit from the Contoura vision surgery that maps 22000 points on the cornea.

Complications: Contoura vision surgery results in fewer complications compared to conventional LASIK surgery. Besides, Contoura vision offers a faster healing time. Get the Contoura Vision Lasik Laser In Delhi from the specialized teams from the Healing Eye Touch Centre.

Studies Conducted On Contoura Vision

Contoura vision surgery approved by USFDA ensures vision correction. Evaluation is based on the comprehensive studies by the applicant. Patients undergoing Contoura vision surgery achieve almost 100% vision.

Contoura Vision Laser In Delhi from healing Eye Touch Centre treats irregularities in the curvature of the cornea. It eliminates the underlying causes of vision issues. The treatment is focused on the visual axis of the eye. The LASIK procedures concentrate on the pupil.

Final words

Completion of the Contoura Vision surgery means eliminating the irregularities of the cornea. You can rest assured that the optical quality becomes flawless to allow light to penetrate the eye evenly. Patients see clearly after the treatment. It becomes easier to conduct routine activities without the need for using corrective lenses.

Contoura eye surgery ensures offering amazing results. Contoura Vision, in some cases, treats people who had undergone LASIK surgery and didn’t get satisfactory results.


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