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Myopia Treatment In Delhi

Myopia, also called short-sightedness, is an eye condition in which objects at near look clear but objects that are far away are blurred. It is caused due to the eye size being larger than normal.

Our professionals always work for the patients with the instruments that can start rapidly scan the cornea and help determine the issues accurately. We can diagnose features and shapes in just minutes. We always use the corneal topography technology that can help map the cornea and the application diagnosis and monitor the keratinous progression. We can give high-end support in flawless manners.

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Cornea Treatment in Delhi
What Causes Myopia
What Causes Myopia?

The exact cause is not known, but certain risk factors increase the likelihood of myopia, such as :
  • Genetic. It tends to run in families. Myopia in one or both parents leads to a greater risk.
  • Environmental. Lack of outdoor activities and excessive near work like reading, playing games on smartphones, tablets or computers exposes one to the risk of developing myopia.

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Myopia Control- Why Is It Important?

Slowing the progression of myopia may prevent further increase in short-sightedness that require thick, corrective eyeglasses. It has also been associated with serious eye problems later in life, such as cataract, detachment of retina and an increased prevalence of glaucoma.

The myopia management for the treatment program that we offer aims to control myopia, thus keeping myopia level at the lowest level. We do so for the reduction of the risk of the development of eye disease in the future. The management also shows decreased myopia progression by up to 78%. We take care in doing it in the required time because it would otherwise spoil the individual's quality of life.

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Myopia Control- Why Is It Important?
How To Prevent Myopia Progression?
How To Prevent Myopia Progression?

Myopia cannot be reversed but following measures can help prevent or slow its progression in child :
  • Allot 1-2 hours for outdoor activities in child’s daily timetable, e.g. bird watching, going on walks etc.
  • Encourage outdoor sports e.g. cycling, skating, badminton, basketball, etc. It allows child to focus his/her eyes on a wide range of objects that are both far and near.
  • Avoid or minimise the exposure of young children to digital devices and computer games, as these activities not only increase the risk of myopia, but they can quickly become addictive, reduce attention span, learning and creativity.
  • Frequent eye breaks should be taken from near work or computer screen(20-20-20 rule : look 20 feet away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes). This relieves focusing effort during near work and helps relax the eyes.
  • Read with good or natural lighting.
  • Do not lie down to read or read in moving vehicles.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet. It provides vitamins and antioxidants needed to reduce risk of developing myopia.
Myopia Treatment

Child can be advised eye drops (e.g. atropine), spectacles and contact lens and other interventions to slow down the progression of myopia in children.

Ask your doctor to know the details.

We focus on giving every child, teenager, or young adult myopia correction in the best way. We do so to maintain good eyesight and help in the treatment of the cause of myopia and nausea symptoms. In this way, you can rest assured about getting the treatment and management plan at the basic level. We can also give the diffraction assessment and eye health examination to correct the problems, including cataract and glaucoma, retinal tear, and detachment.

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Myopia Treatment