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Glaucoma treatment in Delhi

Glaucoma is an eye disease where the optic nerve is damaged due to sufficiently high intra ocular pressure. This is common at the age of 40. This leads to blindness but if it is diagnosed at an early stage it can be cured.

Aqueous humour is a liquid transparent fluid that continually produces and releases in the eye through small molecular paths and then drains to the blood vessels. However, if these vessels are blocked due to any reason then the fluid starts accumulating within the eye, which in turn increases the pressure affecting the optical nerve causing Glaucoma.

There are two kinds of Glaucoma :

Open angle chronic glaucoma :

This is most common type of Glaucoma. The patient loses the vision very slowly and painlessly. This is detected when a person goes for its regular eye check up to an eye doctor.

Symptoms that might indicate you about open angle chronic Glaucoma are :
  • There is slow loss of vision and patient sees things foggy and blurry
  • There is not much improvement in vision. Hence, frequent number of spectacles is changed.
  • You may notice scotomas in peripheral visual fluid and frequent mild headaches
  • You may see coloured halos around lights
Acute/ closed angle glaucoma

This is the second kind of glaucoma. Here the person has eye fluid that drains tapering genetically. When iris and cornea move closer together and reduces the gap between, hampering the flow of fluid, this condition is called close angle. This usually happens suddenly and called acute attack of rise in pressure in the eye. These may block any time and because of many reasons, which may lead to increase in the eye pressure.

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Severe eye pain along with headaches and facial pain
  • Cloudy vision with Halos around the light
  • The person will always feel nauseated and may have redness in the eye
Best Glaucoma treatment in Delhi

There are both surgical and clinical treatments recommended for this disorder. The treatment is done mainly to reduce the pressure in the eye to an extent that it does not damage the optic nerve. Once the treatment is done, it stops further blindness but it cannot reverse the damage already done.

Clinical treatment

Using eye drops on a frequent and regular basis that helps in reducing or keeps control over intra ocular pressure.

Usage of tablets or eye drops for a short span of time is must. It helps in reducing the pressure during acute attacks, when eye drops alone cannot maintain or is sufficient for treatment.

Then comes, the Laser treatment: This also comprises of two types.

Laser Iridotmy: This kind of treatment is generally preferred for acute or narrow angle Glaucoma. A hole or an opening is created in the iris through laser to relieve the blockage in the drainage of the eye.

Laser Trabeculoplasty: This kind of procedure is done for open angle glaucoma. Here the blocked paths are opened to let the fluid reach from within to the outside of the eye.

Surgical process for Glaucoma trabecuplasty is done only in critical conditions when there is a need to create an entire new or additional channel to let fluid bypass the blocked passage. It has sure results for all kinds of Glaucoma.

Glaucoma drainage device

This is one more way of treating Glaucoma. This procedure is saved for those patients who have uncontrolled Glaucoma and has failed pervious surgical process. This device proves to be quiet a success as a primary case especially for the ones who have failed trabeculectomy, which also includes meovascular and uvetic Glaucomas. This device is used mainly for treating cogenital and developing glaucoma. Glaucoma drainage devices are now getting more popular these days and are preferred as a primary option for treating open angle glaucoma or uncontrolled glaucoma. If your dear ones are suffering from this disorder take them to an eye expert or an eye surgeon. We have the best glaucoma specialist in Delhi who can give you details about the treatment procedures and the drainage device both.

This is common in adults, say amongst 40 years. They should have a regular eye check-up. This will keep them away from the disorder and those who have a history of glaucoma in the family should definitely get regular check-ups done. It is a curable disease. Hence, the sooner you discover the better it is.