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Low Vision AIDS

At Healing Touch Eye Centre, our objective is to help patients having very weak vision and help you to have the most of the vision you have. Low vision problem requires rehabilitation and counselling beyond conventional vision-improvement approaches to focus on the patient’s particular problem.

Low vision refers to one having impaired vision which cannot be corrected by glasses, surgery or medication. The most common cause of low vision is macular degeneration, an age-related disease that affects the central portion of your visual field. Other common causes include glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes.

We can assist you with the specialized devices that can be helping in connecting the visual disability. We always utilize magnifying lenses for devices inclusive of the illuminated and electronic magnifiers for providing better near vision. The tools assist in reading magazines, newspapers, documents, and bills. You will get the support of the monocular and binocular telescope with focusable and fixed designs.

We take enough care in diagnosing the reasons for the low vision. We can increase the awareness of the need for low vision services. We can provide the vision enhancement clinic that will be eradicating the problems associated with the development and educational delays. The early detection and intervention with a clear visual examination make us the best. We can get a comprehensive evaluation of the efficient use of the remaining vision. Even if you require magnification devices that can be handheld, free-standing, or mounted, we can assist you with our support tools.